Our product families

Specificities of our marketing strategy

As you can notice in this section all our product families are focused on the critical functions of the car. From Engine Management all the way to security (braking). All these products require a strong knowledge in manufacturing allowing to secure the proper control of those critical functions.

When speaking abot critical functions we mean:



With the leading European manufacturer of brake pad sets we can propose a wide catalogue for European, Asian and American vehicles.

Our advantages : This technological product is a security item, all our brake pad sets are controlled (noise, vibration, durability) and approved by the European certification agencies as per European standards.



Complete range of products related to air flow control : stepper motors (Idle speed control actuators), fully mounted throttles, throttle potentiometers (Throttle position sensors), airflow meters, Exhaust Gas Recirculation valves.

Our advantages: a full offer to meet the needs of end customers experiencing problems with air flow control (poor idling, erratic acceleration response, pollution, over consumption).



In line fuel pumps and fully mounted fuel modules

A comprehensive product line of fuel delivery pumps and mounted modules for Gasoline, diesel and flex fuel applications.


We also propose a range of injectors mainly for gasoline applications.

Our advantages : durability and respect of Original Equipment standards


Within most countries, governments are enforcing anti pollutiion contols. With aging vehicles the lambda sensor also called oxygen sensor is often causig out of tolerance pollution.

Our advantages : Euroginal has developped a specific catalogue dedicated to export, our universal sensors are very economical while covering a large range of vehicules.




From the most simple to the most complex head or tail lamp we offer a full catalogue in O.E quality (Automotive Lighting brand).



In partnership with one of the leading companies in engine control management (Magneti Marelli) we also propose a full range of diagnostic systems dedicated to your workshop.