Our Mission

When business meets ethics..

Preserving the reliability of quality is the only way all our partners and professionals of the independent market can keep the loyalty of their customers. Low quality copies are deteriorating the market, Euroginal's goal is to fight against that easy way of making business : low prices> low quality > high margin > unsatisfied customer.

"Quality is not just a word it's a competence."

Our specialised team

The high profile automotive specialists composing EUROGINAL have a long experience in Auditing production lines, technology transfer, value analysis and have driven their carriers in different major OEM Tier 2 suppliers as well as non governmental organisation aiming to develop local automotive industries.

This strong experience allows us to bring to our customers the following competencies :

  • Quality auditing > quality products
  • Sourcing > pricing
  • Export orientation > dedicated export department
  • Partnerships linking > profiling sustainibility of partnerships.

Company presentation

40 years of experience servicing customers worldwide!

EUROGINAL is the Trademark of Development Solutions Governance Ltd a family owned business specialised at the beginning in technology transfer and consulting in the automotive industry. The two founders have noticed throughout the years that the independent automotive distribution networks were becoming a wild market place flooded by low grade products.

This observation has progressively contributed to integrate in our catalogue more and more product families presenting the best guarantees in terms of quality to counter this market change. The success of this approach has allowed us to experience a high growth in regions where low grade products were deteriorating local markets, more specifically North Africa and Middle East.

The local partners chosen by Euroginal are now a head bridge which enables us to understand the needs of local customers. Each country having it's specificities, customs and vision of the business these alliances define a transnational team emphasing on a European vision of quality and the local vision of customer satisfaction.

" With Euroginal products we want to reaffirm the benefits of quality and service, wholesalers and retailers must trust the products that they are selling to end customers, we all know that customer loyalty, quality and good prices will guarantee the sustainibility of our businesses! "

JP Brouquil - Managing director


EUROGINAL : a trusted brand


When buying Euroginal products, wholesalers and workshops know that they are workig with an internationally recognised brand, rooted in Europe but dedicated to export and quality.

  1. The support and tools Euroginal gives to it's partners' sales strategy :
    > innovative trend setting
  1. > high technology products linked with the critical or security functions of a vehicle (engine management system, braking, lighting)
  2. > value for money
  3. > top quality
  4. > aftersales service
  5. > just in time delivery